Bespoke new sash windows

Sussex Sash Window Restoration Bespoke new replacement windows

SSWR can replicate any design and manufacture the exact detail from any period in time. Including: Georgian; Edwardian; and Victorian sliding sash and casement windows.

Making sure that we stick to the listed building and conservation area consent, for reproduction windows and frames under the Document L & K directive

We can even install the original glazing that was first put in called Crown, Cylinder glass and stained glass

Over time the company has evolved and our workshop facilities have got better.
We are now offering to make brand new Bespoke replacement windows. that will conform with LABC guidelines

Only Certass & Fensa approved companies can sign off new installations through Local authority building control guidelines. From the Document L & K directive

Gone are the days when anyone could to install a new window or door frame. The government have set strict guidelines in the way of the competent person scheme.

Fensa and Certass are the two governing body’s that control these regulations in England and wales. Sussex sash Window Restoration are vetted and proud certified members of the Certass.

To become an approved company you have to be competent in the field of installing windows to building regulations standard. There are strict vetting procedures that some companies do fail. This can be due to the workforce not being knowledgeable in the regulations and guidelines that we have to follow.

Sash windows are usually structural

Most sash windows and doors actually having structural properties, it can have massive effects on the building itself. Premature cracking can arise around the soldier courses above the openings of the windows and doors. This is were water can enter and can wash away the old lime mortar. This resulting in building movement and opening the property to the elements. Protecting The property from the weather is the main priority. When water enters the property around the windows then the material that the windows and doors are made from are susceptible to the elements and will cause rot.

The windows themselves can be made to the exact moulding & specifications as the originals that were made for your property when first constructed. With the added value of up to date technology and glazing. With the current U-value set at 1.4 for new installations of windows and frames. We can fit a glazing unit in that is only 9 – 12mm thickness for clear float and 10 -13mm with toughened glass from Slimlite glazing. This product meets all LABC standards and through our self certification scheme so you do not need to get the windows or doors signed of by the LABC.

Without the appropriate certification that you need to get the window signed off it could be hard to sell the property in the future which can cost £350 in fees. So it is essential that your installer is Certass or Fensa approved before you go ahead with the new installation. Otherwise this could cost you quite a lot of money in the long run.

Can we still be called restoration if we put in new windows

Well this is the easy bit, we are a company that strongly believes in the old style historic sash windows. If you have old windows already installed and you want rid of them for new, then we are not the company for you……

We are the company for you, if you have some unsightly UPVC windows or someone has put in aluminium in the place and ruined the house. we will quite happily transform the home back to how it was when it was first built. we will use every detail to transform the property back to the same construction of the windows.

This is why we still believe that this is still restoration of your windows and not replacement…..