Company Profile

Sussex Sash Window Restoration Ltd: is a leading sash window restoration and refurbishment specialist on the south coast for listed buildings.

We specialise in Grade One, Two and Star listed Regency, Victorian and Georgian properties. These are houses mainly fitted with old sash windows or have been in the past. The layout of Victorian and Regency properties cleverly bring the outdoors inside the house with vast expanse of glass known as lights.

Sussex Sash Window Restoration pride ourselves on restoring your sash windows and not replacing them. Using only traditional methods of restoring the windows, good old fashioned joinery and up to date technology in our own dedicated workshop facilities at the museum, Stanmer park, Brighton and mobile workshop.

Our 48hr Promise to restore your sash windows

No nasty 8 week waiting time for joiners to make new windows or replacement parts. Its possible to take the window away and have the window back within 48hrs fully restored and painted. Some mouldings have to be done by hand (also known as whittling the timber). Occasionally we need to order in specialist router mouldings. We always take these sorts of things into consideration when we start a job. The team consider all the minor details including the mouldings and delivery timescales so we can try to keep to our 48hr promise.

When restoring your windows, we always strip the paint off the windows and the moving parts of the sashes including the box frames. This is because, its probably the only chance that your windows have had to have all the paint stripped off completely and have a 100% overhaul. Years of paint build-up sometimes over a century or more the windows won’t work how they were meant to when first installed. They will have restricted movement if any.

If the windows aren’t prepared in this manner it means the paint will blister and give a second rate finish. Some decorators have little experience when it comes to painting sash windows especially when the windows have been draught proofed. Therefore this is why we recommend this service and prepare everything. Should you choose to have the full service, then the window refurbishment can usually be done without scaffolding. Thus reducing the cost of the project by around £500 it could help towards paying for the painting on the outside of the windows.

Our window and door restoration services include:

English Heritage and Conservation areas.

Our company work very closely with English Heritage and the council especially in conservation areas. We respect their rules of what you can and can’t do to your property. Sussex Sash Window Restoration can help you find out if alterations will be passed e.g. could you put Slimlite glazing in your property or are you allowed to replace your windows?. Usually the answer is no on listed properties, but there are always exceptions with this product. You can read more about this on our Slimlite Double glazing page.

Happy customers

The team is a dedicated one, that thinks about the customer at every point. We regard ourselves as conscientious, communicative, polite, trustworthy and neat. Some of our customers work from home and we are able to work around you with the restoration keeping noise to a minimum.

Specialist antique window furniture

The sash window Restoration and refurbishment would not be complete without our own original antique sash window furniture and we have an internet shop based purely on making sure that your sash window restoration is restored back to the day that the windows were first made, we have hundreds of different sets available from original Brighton fasteners, London fasteners and straight arm fasteners.

These start from 350 years old, all polished up or with the antique patina look. Fittings are sourced constantly from different suppliers. Please have a look at what we can do for you in our shop.

Sussex Sash Window Restoration Ltd is different from the other companies. The most important things is we care about our work, your property and our customers.