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Sussex Sash Window Restoration Ltd copyright terms and conditions.

Hi there, if you are looking at this part of the site then you are obviously intending to borrow some of our material that we’ve produced for the website. The first step is to:
Contact us to ask for permission in using any part of the website. This includes pictures and written words.
This includes using pictures and altering them without permission.

The site alone has taken a great deal of time and money. When we do give you permission, depending on how the material is going to be used then we would ask you to put a backlink back to the site please. If in the case of written words then we would like you to state where it has originated from as well. We won’t ask for any money but we do want permission being granted and recognition for the work and research that we’ve done.

We do not give permission for anyone using the material for their own gain. It is not acceptable to use the material if you are involved in the building industry and attempt to pass it off as your own work. This can cause confusion within the world of the internet and it will cause your site to have a negative effect in the world of Serp. This can lead to Google demoting your site in the listings this is also known as ‘Plagiarism’.

If the material could damage the reputation of Sussex Sash Window Restoration Ltd in anyway.
Cause distress to any of our customers where the pictures have been taken.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact us on the form below. If you are altering the pictures that we have posted on this site please use the upload button to show us how the material is going to be used. This is covered by the Copyright act 1911 and the Designs and Patents Act 1988.

If you are still a little bit confused about this matter then please have a look at this link Copyright Laws.

Thank you. Sussex Sash Window Restoration Ltd.

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