FMB code of practice

Federation of master builders code of practice

Sussex Sash Window Restoration Ltd is a member of the Federation of Master Builders. Membership number 77070.The company has forgone and meets all the membership requirements and has passed a independent inspection of its works. we have agreed to up holed the code of practice set by the FMB and maintain standards on all our forth coming projects.

Code of practice

Before work begins.

As a member of the FMB we must make sure that we are competent to carry out the project and in a timely manner. We will fulfil all financial obligations with the client with the utmost integrity and duty of care.

We must have sufficient current public liability insurance and employers liability. This is done by the FMBs insurance services.

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing we will give a written quotation or estimate together with a description of the work and ensure that it complies with all relevant legislation including but not limited to Consumer Contacts (information Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2011.

We will make sure that the client is aware of warranties of any products and Build Assure through the FMB insurance services

As an FMB member we are expected to :

  • Use our best endeavours to maintain a good relationship with the client and appointed representatives as appropriate.
  • Proceed with the work with due diligence according to the written contract, estimate or quotation between us and the clients.
  • Brief the client regularly on the progress. If they are required we will notices to the Building Control Authority unless the contract specifies otherwise.
  • Inform the client of any unforeseen problems or delays as early as possible.
  • Confirm in writing any changes to to the work specified and / or extra costs and agree these with the client before such work begins.
  • Comply with Health and Safety regulations.
  • Ensure that all employees or subcontractors will at all times treat the client and their property with respect and ensure that the working site remains a safe, clean and healthy environment.
  • Take responsibility for any subcontractors that you engage and for their work.
  • Supply the client with samples of materials and fittings for prior approval as may be required.

When the work is completed we are expected to:.

  • Leave the site clean, tidy and ready for use. any waste will have been properly disposed of in compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Give any relevant guarantees/ warranties and work completion certificates to the client as well as briefing about any relevant maintenance or operating issues.
  • Agree a return date with the client to complete any rectifications or “snagging” which may arise or as stated by the terms of contract.
Disagreements we are expected to:
  • Try and resolve the disagreement by discussion and by reference to the terms and conditions set on the contract/ estimate or in this website.
  • if a disagreement cannot be resolved we can go through the FMBs dispute service if the Company or client so requests. under this service the case could be referred to an independent alternative dispute resolution organisation
Breaches of Code

FMB will investigate reported alleged breaches of this code through the FMB National Standards and Conduit Committee(NSCC) under FMB rules. If the facts are adjudged to infringe this code the NSCC will have the power to impose any of the following sanctions.

  • To decide that the reported conduct does not warrant any further action.
  • To issue a written warning.
  • To decide that compulsory training be under taken.
  • To expel the member.