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Sussex Sash Window Antique Furniture Shop, Stanmer Park Rural Museum, Stanmer Park, Brighton, East Sussex

Victorian and Edwardian buildings are irreplaceable, diverse, beautiful, familiar, cherished and part of our everyday way of life. They contribute overwhelmingly to the character of places people love and places where people live. They belong to all of us. Their owners are really only custodians for future generations.

part of our modern day life. Walking down the street we admire the properties and places that we long to live in, like London, Bristol, Bath,Bournemouth, Eastbourne and Brighton.

Without these properties and the character that they exhume these places would be just another Milton Keynes with brand new soulless buildings blocking the horizon. They belong to all of us and their owners are just carers of time and this will be passed down to future generations that will admire them and love them as much as the people did when they were first built.

This is why Sussex Sash Window Restoration is bringing a new concept to the idea of restoring your property. These properties deserve to revert to how they were originally when they were first built. If you look at a Mayor or an MP you would expect him to wear the gown and the wig, have the staff and the necklace that so gives him the stature of what he is. This is the same with your windows and we are trying to get people to dress them how they would have done when they were first built. Remember you don’t own the windows your property does. And this can only be repaid in the asking price when you come to let someone else care for your property.

Original Antique sash window furniture

We have been sourcing antique window furniture constantly since 2014. We thought of this when people in Grade 1, 2 and star listed properties were asked about how they were going to carry on with their sash window restoration. The conservation officers wanted to know about the furniture that was going to be dressed on the windows and whether it was going to be sympathetic to the property and its age.

This is a very hard thing to do because getting full collections of sash window fasteners or handles is very time consuming and very expensive. These antiques are very old, some ranging over 350 years and with time have become distorted or broken. Getting fully working fasteners or replacing broken old ones sometimes gets put aside. Usually New Brighton fasteners are installed looking nice, clean and smart but not sympathetic to the age and style of the property.

New antique window furniture arrives every week

We source antique window furniture constantly with new stock arriving every week. Even when we get a delivery and we open up the parcels we take a step back at their beauty and elegance. If these fittings could talk about the things that they have seen in the property over time it would be amazing. These fittings are as much part of the windows, a living picture than the windows themselves.

The time that got put into making these by hand from the apprentices first proud piece, to the end result of first being installed and now coming back to a house or flat that deserves their beauty and memories. Companies like A & B of Wolverhampton and Croft of Wilenhall, West Midlands all started from family run business. Both companies have been making hand crafted architectural furniture for 5 generations from 1868. This company supplies around the world for palaces, government buildings and the private residences being built around England and are very sought after, and I’m sure that you would love them too….

If you don’t see what you would like please contact us or visit us at Stanmer Park Rural Museum, and you can see our vast supply of original fittings at our antique window furniture shop.

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